Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Bea's Bag

Yes another bag, but this time for Bea's Birthday.

The wool is Rowan Country and the pattern is also by Rowan.

Ran out of wool to do the handles, but D managed to get these for me. They attach through the wool, then you can remove them for washing.

Lined the bag with fabric from Mandors. Really nice shop, I will be going back there I think! This time I handstitched the lining rather than using the sewing machine. It doesn't look too bad and the seems were fairly strong so hopefully it holds ok.

Finished HP 7.... was tearful towards the end, partially the story and partially knowing it was the last one. Definitely need to re-read, but when I have a bit more time. Overall I thought it was very good. What will JK do now??

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