Saturday, 18 August 2007

Updated Projects/Purchases

Well the secret projects are still secret as I didn't take any pics... ooops. Presents for sister, but she did take some pics so hopefully I can put them on when she gets round to sending them (I have some to get round to sending her too so I can't complain!).
Anyway, I made her a mug cozy since she is such a caffeine addict so it will get lots of use. I made a bit of a mistake and didn't leave space to finish it with the ribbing at the top.. I was quite disapointed until I stitched in a bit of elastic and then it looked LOTS better. She liked it so much she has requested some matching handwarmers.

Also knitted a bottle cozy for her champagne.. everyone needs champagne for their 21st after all.

Interweave arrived this week, thanks to the fantastic gift of a subscription from KG. Still looking through but some really nice patterns. The Americans do knitting mags so much better than the brits, it actually takes some time to read the non-pattern parts of the magazine and it holds my interest for a decent amount time.

Also got these blue dpns from HK to make the mug cozy... they are soo pretty, but the photo is a bit rubbish. Hope the blue doesn't rub off like some other colour coated needles I got with a kit, but they do seem better quality. (They are Boyes, 4mm).

There has been a lot of climbing programmes on TV this week, which made me feel inspired to get this chalk bag...

Nooo silly, not for climbing! It's for my sock knitting of course!

Started making a baby blanket with my Lidl cotton.. made 1 square then realised I wouldn't have enough to finish the blanket.. lucky me managed to appeal online and Nicx has answered my call. I will pop something nice in the post on Monday for a trade.

There is a star pattern on each square, but it hasn't really shown in the photo. 2.5 squares done, 17.5 to go...

As for my boys, D has got himself a DS this weekend so has spent this afternoon playing with it. It's a treat for him to pass the time on the train to his new job in Glasgow.

Dylan is happy because he has got the new argos catalogue... look at that little contented face.

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glittrgirl said...

He looks very happy with his Argos catalogue and I can think of nothing better to do with it than give it to a bunny :D