Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Fibre Fest/Get Knitted

On Sunday we drove down to Devon to Fibre Fest in Uffculme. The Fibre Fest was part of a country fair to raise money for Cold Harbour Mill. There were loads of stalls, with lots of yummy yarn and fibres.
FibreSpaytes yummy fibre and yarn.
KG and I got a drop spindle and some fleece to play with. Will post purchase pics when I get home.

Then we visited the Mill itself and went on the tour.

The tour explained the process of turning fleece into lovely yarn. This is carded fleece ready for spinning.

This machine is spinning wool, and plying two reels together. Once it has been plyed, this machine is used to create the skeins. The disk on the right of the picture is used to indicate how much has been wound on.
Finally we saw the weaving process. Here they are making Somerset Tartan.. which I have to admit I have some issues with!!

After that we had to visit the gift shop of course... I was a bit suprised when she rung up the till and it was over £4000.... The lady had managed to charge me for 2082 postcards instead of 1, thankfully it was just a mistake!! haha

Then yesterday we went to Get Knitted... wow what a selection. We have good knitting shops in Edinburgh, but this is in another league. Got a few items, but was fairly restrained. Now I need to go pack my case and work out how I am going to shut it....

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gordyandjen said...

ooh ... that looks like a great trip ...you lucky thing! I agree with you about having issues with the somerset tartan!