Wednesday, 2 January 2008

What a lucky girl I am

I got some really nice knitterly pressies this year. Nice books:

Go-knitting pouch for travel knitting

Old Maiden Aunt hat kit (from K1Yarns), and some colourful Opal sock yarns. Also got some pennies which I spent on the following in the sales:

I also got lots of other lovely pressies from family and friends including nice music and movies for while I knit! I have tried to scoff all my xmas choccies ASAP to make 2008 a healthy year haha.

Just before xmas I had some brill news that I have got a new job, which is very exciting. There have been a lot of changes in the air at work lately and decided it was time to look for something else, a week after I started looking I had a brilliant offer so I am well chuffed. It has been an excellent few weeks.

All the xmas pressies I managed to finish knitting before xmas were well received. I didn't have time to get photos of them all, but most of them have been spotted in previous posts. Sis loved her handwarmers and as a result of her wearing them I have had a request from one of her friends... my first commission!


John said...

"The Happy Hooker"???? haha!! Nice to see a stitching book with a sense of humor. Glad you had merry Christmas and congratulations on the new job. All the best to you and D from the States. :)

purplejen said...

Lucky you!!! Will keep my fingers crossed for your new job.

Viknits said...

Ooh lovely stuff! I got the Stitchionary number 2 - they're great aren't they!

Good lukc with your new job :D