Sunday, 16 March 2008


Hmm a long time since I have posted again. Things have been busy, we have been flat hunting lately at weekends and also trying to get our place tidy.
I am planning on getting the train in this week fingers crossed for the weather, so might get a bit of crochet/knitting done.

A couple of weeks ago KG and I went to a spinning open day down at Haddington with my wheel. We met spinning fishwife who very kindly showed me how to set it up and get going. She is an excellent teacher and I actually managed to spin something much better than I expected.

This weekend we both joined the Edinburgh guild and someone helped me with plying. This is the plyed wool before washing:

Not sure what I am going to make yet... I washed it tonight so we will see what it is like when it is a bit dryer.

Anyway I have decided I love spinning! Now, just need to find a flat where my wheel can come and live full time...

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Spinningfishwife said...

Well done you, and glad you could get to the Edinburgh Guild! Sorry I couldn't be thare for your first plying.