Sunday, 21 September 2008

Our Special Day

We had some special lego figures made up... what do you think of the likeness? We used this pic for the invitations and then the figures went onto the cake, with the addition of a lego Dylan we managed to find from a shop in the USA

We made the cake ourselves, freezing it several weeks before so we only(!) had to panic about the decorating and the icing a couple of days before the big day. We decided on a combination of cupcakes and a bigger cake for cutting... problem was everyone was so full from the fabulous food at the venue we had trouble fitting in the cake afterwards. Some went back in the freezer (not sure if you are supposed to do that?).
We also did the table decorations ourselves, D searching high and low for the right colour napkins and me doing the beaded napkin rings. Got some beautiful orchids for the centre which are still going strong.
This is the view from the window of the venue - Edinburgh Castle

We had a fantastic day and I am really glad we did the little bits and pieces ourselves. My lovely sister also made me a very thoughtful present and knowing that she is not practiced in anything crafty it meant a lot to me, I am sure there was a lot of sweat and tears involved.
It was great to see/speak to our friends and family on the day in various forms, it wasn't possible for everyone we love to be there but we were thinking of them all. We received a number of donations for our nominated charity, Scottish Borders Donkey Sanctuary and I know they will be put to very good use.


James said...

Very nice! x

Spinningfishwife said...

Eek, I missed the married bit! Congratulations!!!!!!

Woolfish said...

everything looks lovely