Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Big City

So I decided to check in the bag with the socks... better safe than sorry I suppose, but less knitting while waiting around for the plane.

First stop in London was I Knit... got a few Christmas presents (no not just for me!) while D looked for a nearby geocache in the pouring rain, he is dedicated.

What a lovely shop, so relaxed to look around and a really good selection of things. I will definitely add another visit to my list next time I am down. I spotted some Cash Iroha and Kid Silk Haze in the bargain bin which is now mine mwhaha.

For lunch, R met us at Picadilly and took us to St Alban, which was the best food I have had for ages. The place is just fantastic, service, decor, toilets... everything. Highly recommend it.

Saturday evening we saw Hamlet, which was really great. Pity about all the sick people coughing throughout... oh and the people that kept tutting when someone finished coughing... Shame DT wasn't there, but still very worth seeing and the understudy did a great job.

Sunday was a chilled out day around Harrow, then more shopping on Monday before heading back to City airport via The Who Shop.

Really needed a break, it was perfect timing.

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