Tuesday, 24 March 2009


... was fantastic.
Here are some pics from the Silk Museum

The weaving equipment is still used 4 days a week, it is a working museum. The factory closed in the 70s to be re-opened as a museum 20 yrs later.

Here are some pics from the floor with the equipment:

The office... just look at that wall of silk mmmmm
The looms

Patterns are "programmed" using a punch card system. These are the cards for the pattern shown.
Some mangle type devices for finishing the fabric

Upstairs was an exhbition about the history of the factory, although we were a bit confused trying to match the English translation sheet with the display at first. D sorted me out!

A display of sample silk made at the factory

Sample next to the original paper design (which later gets converted to the punch cards). Might get around to using this on something some day...

Famous "3 Crowns" design used for the Royal Palace

As above

More punch cards

And some Scandinavian knitting for good measure...

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