Friday, 6 April 2007

Yes, still here

Ooops just realised quite how long it has been since I posted. Anyway I finally got a photo of my booga bag while we were geocaching in Perth.

I am really pleased with it, and like it more the more I use it. Colours are a bit more blue in this picture than in reality.

Now I can post pics of the pressies I gave for Mothering Sunday as well, although I didn't take pics of the ones I gave to KG oops, but this is what I gave to Grandma. Hand made stitch markers (sorry bad pic)

And special Oldfield sock yarn (wanted to keep this myself!)

It is great now the weather is getting better. Can start actually going out in the evenings after work and it is still nice and light. On Thursday D and I went up Arthurs Seat after work (yes a cache was involved!)
I have been knitting too, but not so much time my MSc is starting. Working on a little jumper for baby Daniel, will hopefully be finished with pics soon!

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