Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Oops - Catch Up

I have been so busy lately it is going to take a couple of posts to catch up. Last week I had a 24hr trip to the Lakes with KG and sis to meet the Ozzies. As you can see from the pics it was really grey, but still beautiful.

We drove down via the Alpaca centre and I ummed and ahhed about getting some wool like last time, but I am sure they have had a price hike. We enjoyed a coffee then moved on..

We stopped off in Keswick and had lunch at my fav - the Lakeland Pedlar (highly recommended!). While in Keswick also noticed a closing down sale... a tiny little shop but totally packed with stuff. Lots of bargains to be had, although I did restrict myself... After resisting at the Alpaca farm got some in Keswick (actually it seems better spun than the Alpaca select). Also picked up some Regia that Dylan seems to be particularly keen on.

Took my Trekking socks with me and finished the 1st one. Almost down to the heel on the 2nd so will try and press on with them.

Before I left my copy of Charmed Knits arrived (no thanks to Amazon! Pre order - I don't think so!). I am itching to get started, but have decided I must finish a couple of things first....

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