Friday, 2 November 2007

Getting Hooked

Again I am falling behind with my blogging. KG (knitting guru) has been in hospital and I have been busy visiting and being a personal laundry/communication service. I'm glad she is home now and yesterday we had our first trip out in the wheel chair (only a temporary aid).

Last night KG and I started crochet classes. Since KG can already crochet she was making a really beautiful ipod cozy with some sock yarn while the rest of us were working on sample squares... well it is supposed to be a square. I seem to have an edge problem going on.
But it is really very fun and I can feel another addiction coming on. I am already thinking about things I can make and I can't even get a straight edge yet.

Knitting wise I am on another pair of handwarmers. Take 2 is in Jaegar merino and a lot smoother, also trying to make them a bit longer. The colour is great and doesn't really show in the photo.

Last weekend I went to the SECC and got this great crochet book. Also some new scissors and some silk fat quarters to use for bag linings. I met up with Fee for a coffee which was really nice. I'm not used to wandering around by myself at these things but actually really enjoyed a day to myself.
Sorry for the rubbish photos in the post, I am definitely getting lazy with blog pictures...

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