Saturday, 10 February 2007


Finally today I got some buttons to finish this off so that I can send it. They are little toggles, I wanted something in a nice bright colour to match the modern design of the jumper.

It is in DK acrylic wool that I had. Despite all the difficulties interpreting how to knit it in the round I am v pleased with it. My knitting guru liked it too and has asked me for the pattern.

Dylan went for his pedicure this morning at the vet. He is still in a bit of a grump about it but at least his nails are a better length.

This afternoon I was eyeing up some knitting in books in Blackwells, definitely going to add the Vogue Stitchionary book (Vol1) to my wish list.

Weather is rubbish this afternoon, time to stay inside and work on that 2nd sock.

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